Document Management

Aquas, Inc.

Document Management

Document Management is critical for organizations of all sizes to maintain version control, accessibility to the most current version and searchable for easy access to current and to archived documents.

AQUAS has successfully worked with clients to help them manage internal and external publication inventories using both custom applications and configuring larger document management softwares for organization’s needs.

Effective document management includes the ability to scan documents for storage and classification, key word searchable libraries, assurance of version control, check in/out functionality, access control including permission levels, and logical archiving capability.

Custom reporting functionality, an AQUAS specialty, is an effective and manageable way to keep track of document inventory, usage history and life cycle.


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AQUAS has built years of experience focusing on results-oriented customized solution systems for case management, asset management, data & information, tracking systems, and inspection systems with compliance and valuable reporting in mind.