CostRx: Activity-Based Cost Management Solution


Activity-based (AB) CostRx is a customized, off-the-shelf solution for activity-based cost management for non-billable and billable business activities that encompass resource assignment through billing and collection.

AB CostRx is a complete workflow solution that supports cost tracking, recovery of designed activities from collection of time & attendance and expense data, and invoicing for billable services.

The technical architecture of the CostRx family of tools is designed to be flexible, adaptable and compatible with most user interfaces.

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AB CostRx is an enterprise management tool that supports activity based costing and billing data collection and reporting related to inspection, audits, and permitting processes.

AB CostRx is commercially available; it is modular and scalable; in its original version, it was tailored to agricultural commodity voluntary and regulatory inspection and audits, but can be readily adapted to other types of applications requiring labor cost management, fee for service billing, and activity based costing applications.

ABCostRx provides a way to implement labor time activity tracking independently of budget cost element or project identifier; management can track labor costs by activity across all projects as well as within a project, or monitor for activity costs within and across organizational units.

In addition to labor time usage, the system allows the entry of travel expenses and other costs, and enables the distribution of these costs by activity. Features provide sufficient flexibility without having to navigate through much complexity to enter information or obtain usable reports.

Any federal agency, regional office or field office of a federal agency; state agency, department or office; or regional or municipal office that:

  • wants to easily track time and attendance, expenses and/or billing.
  • needs to ensure compliance with OPM Time and Attendance Business Rules and other Federal requirements.
  • is looking for a reliable system to track inspection, grading or certification services on a one-time or fee-for-service basis.

CostRx integrates the collection and recording of time and attendance and expense data, billing, and certification functions supporting federal fee-for-service business processes such as inspection, grading, and certification. It has been developed using Office of Personnel (OPM) Time and Attendance Business Rules to enforce your records’ compliance and streamline reporting.

Out-of-the-box, CostRx includes extensive reporting capability as well as an interface to the National Finance Center. Custom versions can be made to easily meet unique agency specific requirements.

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Contact us to schedule an appointment for a free demonstration of this solution and how it can best work for you.