Industry Focus

Industry Focus

AQUAS’ staff has the talent, education, and expertise to ensure our customers’ success in meeting project objectives. We apply system engineering; process and workflow design, analysis, and development; survey and other data collection planning and implementation; software development, database design and administration, and web interface design; information systems security deployment – to fulfill project requirements in our three major focus areas.

Agriculture & Environmental Science

AQUAS has been successful with a wide variety of projects in State and Federal government:

  • Payment and billing systems
  • Labor time accounting and activity-based costing
  • Regulatory and quality inspection of commodities data management systems
  • Electronic permits and waivers web-based systems
  • Data collection and reporting web-based systems
  • Creation of electronic certificates of inspection
  • Water discharge permitting processes
  • Pesticide and herbicide crop yield and cost impact model and reporting
  • Rural models for rehabilitation of disabled populations with Goodwill Industries


AQUAS is engaged in a wide variety of healthcare solutions:

  • Big Data systems design, data reduction, and business analysis
  • Data Distribution Systems
  • Ethics Case Management
  • Patient education systems and web-portals
  • Wireless in hospitals and clinical facilities
  • Electronic patient records and data integration

Transit & Infrastructure

AQUAS continues its record of successful transit and infrastructure projects:

  • Dulles Airport Operations and Maintenance 24X7 of Automated Transit Vehicles
  • Washington Metro integration of inventory management systems Maximo and MMIS Installation,
  • Troubleshooting, splicing and testing of fiber optic cabling
  • CAT6 and wireless networking including transmitters and routers
  • Low and mid level voltage wiring and equipment installation
  • Security Monitoring and Access Control systems installation and maintenance
  • Data management and technology integration for field inspection systems
  • Manhole inspection and NASSCO coding schemes integration
  • Provision of NASSCO certified inspectors